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Livestock Internship


Dairy is a prominent industry throughout the world since milk production, such as milk, cheese, butter, take place all around the world. Modern and efficient farming practices, backed by rigorous quality assurance, underpin the United States' strength in delivering high-quality, delicious dairy products from farms and plants nationwide to customers' tables around the world.
TOP-Dairy internship aim to expand interns' global education by giving them on-the-farm work experience by working directly with cows. Their responsibilities include raising cattle, milking cows, diseases treatments and prevention, cleaning barns and growing crops.Teached by farm managers, our interns could learn about sustainable farming practices, econimics of making a farm profitable, and marketing.

Interns @ Calf Hutches

Intern @ Milking

Intern @ Clean barn

Intern @ Check heating cows

Dairy internship always last 12 months. Besides training, interns could have chance to join exhibtions and conferences in the U.S., such as World Dairy Expo, World Beef Expo and ADSA-ASAS Joint Annual Meeting.

World Dairy Expo 2017

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For undergraduates or postgraduates who chose animal science or veterinary as major, TOP internship is a treasurable chance to have close contact with swine indusry, and also a great step to a rewarding career. Swine internships take place on large farms with, at times, thousands of sows. The intern should be prepared to perform every tasks typical for pig production such as breeding, castrating, feeding, vaccinating, tagging and many more. During this on-the-job training, our interns will receive the most practical experiences, such as:

  • Hands-on working experience

  • Professional development activities

  • Networking with US industry professionals

  • Friends from worldwide countries 

Swine Interns

Swine Intern 2005

Swine Internship 2006

John visit Smithfield North Farm in May 2018

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Horse Internship

Succesfull applicants will demonstrate existing experience with farm animals.