1. Landscaping

    Get Your Hands Dirty

    Apr 23, 2018

      If you are looking for an easy internship, we are not what you want!

    If you want to get the real-world training in the U.S., The Ohio Program is what you need. All of our interns need to work together with the regular employees in host companies, no chance to be picky. Our program coordinators work together with host companies to build good training plans. These training plans must provide good balance between your responsibilities and learning opportunities.

  2. Crops and Machinery Internship 2018

    Visit OSU Columbus Campus with 2018 Machinery Interns

    Apr 13, 2018

    Agricultural Engineering

  3. Fifty Shades of Green….. Global Career Ideas in Sexy Horticulture

    Apr 12, 2018

    “Fifty shades of green….. global career ideas in sexy horticulture”

    The Koppert Cress Case

    The Ohio Program with the support of Syngenta and in cooperation with Jungle Talks puts the spotlight on horticultural game changers around the world via a series of 1 hour webinars starting on May 8, 2018.

  4. TOP-Turf Group Photo With Sygenta

    Syngenta Sponsors TOP Turf Interns at 2018 Golf Industry Show

    Apr 2, 2018

    This year, Syngenta is excited to sponsor and support the 2018 Golf Industry Show (GIS) for OSU/Top participants.

  5. Young Farms Visit OSU Agriculture Engineering Building

    Young Farmer Should Travel

    Aug 18, 2017

    Build your knowledge, life and professional experience and expand your network with The Ohio Program.
    We will help you to find the most unforgettable experience as a young farmer abroad. Check this Farmers Journal article to understand why you need it.


  6. Cultivate 2017


    Aug 18, 2017

    Cultivate in Columbus, Ohio is a trade show + education series + networking event that equals a good time and an unforgettable experience.

    Every industry porfessional is at Cultivate in July. The event is especially useful to young horticulturalist as they can build up their knowledge and professional network. Find new global business and employment opportunities. Read more...