1. One Day Tour At Firestone Country Club

    Aug 2, 2018

    Program manager Mike O'Keeffe and program assistant Thom Nguyen went with seven TOP interns and met with two other TOP-Turf interns, Greg Jones and Sebastian Delgado who are interning at Firestone Country Club in Akron, OH. Mr. Larry Napora, the Director of Operations of Firestone CC, introducded the history of this golf course, and taught interns how the course was prepared. Sebastian and Greg were so excited to meet other TOP interns.

  2. Mike De Luca From Syngenta

    Mike De Luca From Syngenta Talks About The Benefits Of Doing The Ohio Program.

    Jul 27, 2018

    Michael was TOP-Tuf trainee during 2006-2007. Now he is working for Sygenta. The Ohio Program invited Michael to talk about how he built his career by interning with TOP. He gives valuable guidance to prospective and current interns. See the video.


  3. Masterclass

    Jungle Talks Offer Excellent Masterclass To Young Growers

    Jul 10, 2018

    TOP Horticulture interns and alumni: if you are working hard on growing your horticultural career, consider this Mastercourse program. You only pay for the flight and accommodation. You will visit many leading Dutch horticultural companies, meet their top staff, learn from the best. I wish I had the time to do it! It seems like a very attractive program. Read more...

  4. TOP-Dairy Chinese Interns Reunion at 2018 China Dairy Exhibition

    Jul 6, 2018

    During 2018 China Dairy Exhibition in Chengdu City, program coordinator Mr. Yining Zhang visited with former TOP-Dairy interns/trainees. They discussed their work and life back in China after completing the internship in the US.

  5. 2017 Annual Report

    Proud to Be a Member of CFAES

    Jun 21, 2018

    Ohio State's roots go back to 1870, when the Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College. For years, OSU not only focus on domestic AgriScience development, but also support the world with advanced educational resources and modern techniques.

  6. Memorable Memorial for Manson

    Jun 11, 2018


    Original article @ AGCSA

    This time last year Joel Manson (photo 1, left 4) was most likely rugged up in five layers and a beanie going about his daily winter tasks as an apprentice greenkeeper at Anglesea Golf Club on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Winter time down on the south coast can be frigid at best and 2017 was no exception.

  7. Dairy Internship Abound at Expo

    Jun 6, 2018

    The Ohio Program have organized dairy interns to join World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin around October for years. Since 2015, we received sponsor from Biomin Inc, to help more interns attending this unique event. In 2017, our group drew attention to Expo Daily Edition, a daily newspaper published by Dairy Star. Program coordinator, Mr.

  8. Shane Halpin at  Bottomley Evergreens

    Different Nationalities, Same Passion on Farming

    Jun 6, 2018

    Shane Halpin

    Shane Halpin, a 25 years old Irish man, who was born in Lusk, North County Dublin, started his internship in the US on March 6th, 2018.

  9. Online Horticulture Courses Available Soon to TOP Horticulture Interns

    May 15, 2018

    Just like last year, TOP Horticulture will co-sponsor online classes to TOP Horticulture interns. These classes are provided by the University of Florida. Those of you that registered for Cultivate18 trade show will meet Dr. Paul Fisher. He built these courses and he will speak with you during Cultivate.

  10. Adam and Susana

    From Training Partners to Life Partners

    Apr 25, 2018

    Love in Turf

    Born into a large, cricket-mad family in Adelaide Australia, Adam Fry had always wanted to be a greenkeeper. It was during his apprenticeship at The Grange Golf Club that he started the connection with The Ohio Program. In 2009, Adam proved his outstanding qualities and been accepted as one of 15 Australians on the following year's turf-internship intake.