TOP-Dairy Chinese Interns Reunion at 2018 China Dairy Exhibition

During 2018 China Dairy Exhibition in Chengdu City, program coordinator Mr. Yining Zhang visited with former TOP-Dairy interns/trainees. They discussed their work and life back in China after completing the internship in the US.

China Dairy Exhibition-TOP-Intern Group

Mr. Zhang also visited the Yili Group in Innor Mongolia. Yili Group is a state-owned company of the dairy industry of China, also a famous Chinese dairy products brand. Yili is an old friend of The Ohio Program. The company supports their young talented farm managers, Vets, and Nutritionists to develop themselves, by sending them to The Ohio Program for a 12 months of training program.

Interns @ Yili group

During the expo, Mr. Zhang met representatives from Jinyu Group Co Ltd. Jinyu sponsered the “China-US Dairy Management Symposium & OSU Dairy Training Program Alumni Reception” in 2016.

Jinyu Group

History of the Chinese Dairy Market

China was developed a taste for consuming lots of dairy products, from just a few decades ago. Due to the widespread calcium deficiency in children in China, schools started to hand out free milk drinks starting in 1990. Then milk, yogurt and cheese became the very important part of the young generation. It’s still developing at breakneck speed.  

The dairy product market shows enormous growth rates in the last 20 years. From small-scale family owned businesses where people boutht raw milk and boil them for drinking , to now intensive farming, cold chain transportation, and traceability of batches. The government of China monitors and supports these dairy companies. China can produce safe, high quality dairy products to satisfy market demand. 

TOP-Dairy Internship in China

The Ohio Program recruited the first Chinese dairy intern in 1997. In two decades, over 100 Chinese interns/trainees finished their training program in USA (photo 3). Some of them are now technical directors of large-scale dairy farms (such as Yili Group, AUSTASIA), nutrition companies, and herd-health management companies. Some run their own successful businesses. Even some have took the responsibility to train a new generation of "cow farmers". No doubt the common trait of their success is that they all have developed a global perspective on industry and market.

China TOP-Dairy Group

In November 2016, The Ohio Program organized a grand event, “2016 China-US Dairy Management Symposium & OSU Dairy Training Program Alumni Reception”, to provide the opportunity for TOP-Dairy interns/trainees to reunite. TOP also invited several American host farm managers to visit China, where they gave great presentations during the conference. The excitement can’t be described by words of our allumni. Everyone was so excited to meet old friends, and learn from each other practical experiences about dairy production.

2016 Conference

Editor: Rui Li, Program Assistant