Syngenta Project Results Announced


Dear Interns,

During Cultivate, together with Syngenta we announced a voluntary project for all hort interns.

About 20 interns registered with 8 finishing the project. We promised $1700 to split between those that in the best way perform the experiment, follow guidelines and present the results.

Huge THANK YOU to Dr. Nancy Rechcigl from Syngenta who designed this project and helped to evaluate it.


The following interns received over 10 points out of maximum 20. Click links below to see their work:

18 points - received by a team of Thalia Perez Albela Diaz and Caroline Do Nascimento. Their work was nearly of academic quality, very impressive! Video and presentation.

16 points - Eduardo Padhilha Ramos. Video.

15 points each - Caio Cesar Oliveira Pereira (video, presentation), Mastika Wardhani (video), Danilo Adolfo Lopez Garcia (presentation). 

13 points - Wanderson Novais Pereira. Presentation.

The remaining participants received less than 10 points.


As such, we are awarding the following:

Caroline and Thalia will receive $450 to share as a team.

Eduardo will receive $350 for his own enjoyment.

Caio, Danilo, Mastika each will become $250 wealthier.

Wanderson is receiving $150.

This comes up to $1700 total. Congratulations! Thank you very much for your hard work. We are very impressed with your dedication and hard work.

Congratulations once more and thank you for making our J1 program better!