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2017 Annual Report

Ohio State's roots go back to 1870, when the Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College. For years, OSU not only focus on domestic AgriScience development, but also support the world with advanced educational resources and modern techniques.

Office of International Programs in Agriculture

The Office of the International Programs in Agriculture (IPA) was established in 1955 to foster international outreach and engagement in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State. By managing short-term scientific exchange programs for international visitors and scientists, IPA help The Ohio Program to promoting global opportunities for interns/trainees from more than 50 countries to learn in the U.S.

Our program also help American students to find placement abroad in Germany, Netherlands, UK, Australia, France, and Denmark, for 3-12 months internship in agriculture, horticulture, oenology and turf-grass management.

2017 Annual Report

In 2017, the program hosted 293 interns and 119 trainees from 40 countries. Throughout its 38 years in the college, the Ohio International Internship Program has hosted over 10,000 participants for training and currently has verbal agreements with 40 universities and organizations worldwide. 

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