Join us for another Fifty shades of green webinar with Koppert Biological Systems

On February 23 we will continue our webinar series ‘Fifty shades of green’. Our partner, professional horticulture webcasting company “Jungle Talks” will interview Kris de Smet from Koppert Biological Systems.

Koppert Biological Systems, originally from the Netherlands, is now active all around the world. It is widely recognized market leader in biological crop protection. They call themselves ‘partners with nature’.

What drives them, how do they search for talent and how do they see the future of international horticulture?

At TOP we want to inspire you with career ideas. Cultivate, online education, various green projects, articles, this webcast series – these are tools that we give you to build your passion and career.

Register for “Fifty shades of green” and join us live on Saturday, February 23, 4pm. Tell your greenhouse supervisor about it – many may be interested in interacting with Kris.

Go here to register and be sure to join us live!