Get Your Hands Dirty



If you are looking for an easy internship, we are not what you want!

If you want to get the real-world training in the U.S., The Ohio Program is what you need. All of our interns need to work together with the regular employees in host companies, no chance to be picky. Our program coordinators work together with host companies to build good training plans. These training plans must provide good balance between your responsibilities and learning opportunities.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn."
- Benjamin Franklin

TOP interns in action:

Clean the tank

Tree Nursery

Hoof Trimming

"I'm still a college student or I'm new to agribusiness..."

Experiential learning is the most effective forms of aquiring knowledge. In the real-world context your theoretical knowledge will be challenged by very diverse tasks real-world responsibilities. With TOP you will receive rich experiences outside the classroom to deepen your learning. This will enhance your career readiness and also provide with unforgettable, life changing memories.

"I already have some experience in the agri-industry..."

You are working hard but making no progress in your career? Probably because you have been in the performance zone for too long and this may hinder your growth. Or maybe you have been specializing on one thing for too long and lost the ability to see outside of your own box. It may be the best time for your brain to return to the learning zone, to experience new environtment, meet new people, make some mistakes and grow in the process.
Many people apply to TOP with substantial experience but quickly realize they have much more to learn.