Dairy Internship Abound at Expo

The Ohio Program have organized dairy interns to join World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin around October for years. Since 2015, we received sponsor from Biomin Inc, to help more interns attending this unique event. In 2017, our group drew attention to Expo Daily Edition, a daily newspaper published by Dairy Star. Program coordinator, Mr. Yining Zhang, did a short interview with Danielle Nauman, the staff writer of the newspaper (read original report).

Reward Biomin Inc for Their Support to TOP-Dairy

The Ohio Program play unique rolls in facilitating international visits, by focusing on students, young farmers and those who dedacate his/her life in agriculture. We work with hundreds of dairy businesses in the United States to provide educational training experiences and learning opportunities. "We place individuals into 12-month internships throughout the country, with different scales of dairy farms...The typical dairy internship includes time spent at World Dairy Expo so interns can see the technology and products available in dairy production; Expo serves as a cultural exchange and social event for the trainees as well. ..It gives the international students a different experience,” Mr. Zhang said. 

Newspaper -Expo Dairy Edition-The Ohio Program Dairy Group

The Ohio Program Interns @ WDE 2017

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"It’s a win-win situation, students get new ideas, and we build links for the businesses to the students." --- Yining Zhang