Introduction- Inbound Program

  • If you are serious about a career, you have to have international experience in the globalized market of today. Employers require professional experience from job applicants. If you have not gained much practical experience during college, a quality internship may be your best option.

  • Living abroad independently for a long period of time indicates to potential employers that you are mature, self-sufficient, curious, and well able to cope with stress. This indicates you are looking for challenges. This also indicates you are willing to leave your comfort zone and do something extraordinary.

  • According to a report issued by the European Commission, “[…] 64 per cent of employers consider an international experience as important for recruitment of new employees. On average 92 per cent of employers are looking for transversal skills such as openness to and curiosity about new challenges, problem-solving and decision-making skills, confidence, tolerance towards others personal values and behaviors.”

  • Living abroad will dramatically boost your confidence, maturity, global awareness and general “readiness for life”. Here at TOP we see these changes every day when meeting new participants during our orientation session and later seeing them once again months later during on-site visits. Dramatic changes take place which are easy to see. Parents are also quite pleased with these transformatory results!

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