Current Offers

The Ohio Program accepts applications any time of year. However, agriculture is very seasonal. The best time to apply is during August-February so your internship can start in January-May. The January-May period is when at least 80% of our internships start. You can read more on our enquiry page. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST OF OUR OFFERS! Each year we offer hundreds of placements. Please read below. This page lists our specific, current offers. We have many more positions available, therefore this is not a full list of internship positions. Offers listed here: require very specific experience, or are seasonal only, not for full year training, or in the past we had difficulties finding good applicants for these positions Please apply for the positions below only if you meet the specific requirements. To apply, simply click the ID number. If the offers listed below are not right for you, please use our general enquiry page. Currently we have 18 listed internship offers. Looking for something else? Use our regular enquiry page. Click the ID number to apply for the particular offer. This page was last updated on Friday, August 22, 2019. Please check this page often.


# Internship Type State Number of Positions Proposed Start Date Proposed End Date Description
42 Crop scouting and research FL 4 September for 9 months

This is a crop scouting company. You will learn how to identify various pests and diseases in outdoor vegetable production. You will visit fields every day, monitor the plants and create reports.


Excellent internship for people interested in plant pathology. At the start you will go through a short course and a test that prepares you to the internship. You must have education related to plant pathology or at least have some classes in this area. Very good driving skills and English are required. Best performing interns may stay for 12 months.

45 Greenhouse FL 1 July for 12 months

Medium size greenhouse specializing "plugs" production. These are small plants or transplants that are later sold to other growers. This is a very fast-paced and challenging process that you will learn to manage.


Excellent placement for people that are very serious about horticulture. The company is very nice, modern, very well managed and interesting.

46 Greenhouse CA 2 anytime for 12 months

Excellent placement for smart people looking for a challenge. This is a very large greenhouse operation producing vegetable transplants. You will be involved with the greenhouse and sometimes new crop trials.


This is only for people that can work independently. You will monitor crops, you will write reports, adjust growing conditions, work on new products. Good English and communication skills required.

48 Dairy Farm 5 anytime for 12 months

Internships with modern dairy farms. 600 to 3000 cow units. State of the art facilities. Free housing.


Several places availalbe

49 Swine Farms 5 anytime for 12 months

Internships with large swine farms available. Farrow to wean units, high performance herds. free housing.


Good chance to gain experience and improve your skills such as AI, nutrition etc.

52 Garden/Park/Landscaping 4 March 6-8 months

This is a very large landscape design and installation company in the state of New York. We are looking for two interns with education and career goals related to landscape installation and maintenance.


Must have some landscape maintenance experience and related education.

53 Crop farm February November

Large crop farm growing Corn, Wheat and Soy Beans with a fleet of well-maintained modern machinery.


Applicants must be experienced with operating heavy agricultural machinery, very motivated, ready for challenge, ready for long days during the harvest season, excellent team-player, have good English skills and a driving license.

56 Nursery 3 January for 12 months

Your will gather growth requirements for over 100 species by reviewing various documentation and interviewing employees. You will review and enter this data into a centralized system that will be easier to access for growers. You must be flexible and accept additional projects and assignments. You will learn how to manage production of annuals. Very reputable, modern greenhouse operation. Excellent internship for people planning career in floriculture.


Excellent English is required. Fluent Spanish is a bonus. Housing and transportation are provided and good car driving skills are required. You need to be able to work independently and be very goal oriented.

57 Swine Farm 4 anytime for 12 months

Internships with large swine farms available. Farrow to wean units, high performance herds. free housing. Possible data collection / research involved.


Angi Needs interns for Devan's group

63 Various Crop Farms 10 June November

Placements available with large crop farms growing Corn, Soy Beans, Canola, Wheat, Sugar Beet. Large, modern machinery. Housing provided by farm.Great opportunity to experience operating large, modern equipment and learn about US crop production


Applicants must have prior experience operating agricultural machinery, ready for challenge, ready for long days during the harvest season (July to end of October), good team-players, have good English skills and a driving license.