Current Offers

The Ohio Program accepts applications any time of year. However, agriculture is very seasonal. The best time to apply is during August-February so your internship can start in January-May. The January-May period is when at least 80% of our internships start. You can read more on our enquiry page. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST OF OUR OFFERS! Each year we offer hundreds of placements. Please read below. This page lists our specific, current offers. We have many more positions available, therefore this is not a full list of internship positions. Offers listed here: require very specific experience, or are seasonal only, not for full year training, or in the past we had difficulties finding good applicants for these positions Please apply for the positions below only if you meet the specific requirements. To apply, simply click the ID number. If the offers listed below are not right for you, please use our general enquiry page. Currently we have 18 listed internship offers. Looking for something else? Use our regular enquiry page. Click the ID number to apply for the particular offer. This page was last updated on Friday, August 22, 2019. Please check this page often.


# Internship Type State Number of Positions Proposed Start Date Proposed End Date Description
10 College Institution WA 1 January for 12 months

This is a research placement. Interns are involved in research on fruit trees, mainly apples. Relevant education required. Excellent placement in a very nice location. Very interesting, career-building internship for people interested in fruit production, harvest, storage and lab work.


We have had only excellent feedback from interns at this location in previous years. We are recruiting now.

16 Garden Center OH 5 March for 9 months

Excellent garden center in Columbus, Ohio. Interns (depending on their qualifications) will receive excellent experience in sales, merchandising, deliveries, customer service, plant production and nursery management. Interns should have some knowledge about ornamental trees and shrubs. Some related experience would be very helpful.


This garden center is located very close to our Program office. There is on-site housing in walking distance from the nursery. You have to be productive, efficient and hard-working - you will learn how to run retail business in a very competitive market.

17 Greenhouse NC 3 September for 12 months

Very modern and very large greenhouse producing annuals such as geraniums, petunia and hundreds of other species and varieties. Excellent internship for people that are serious about the ornamental business.


Very good housing provided for free. Transportation provided. Females only because the house is one-gender only.

20 garden Park/Landscaping NY 4 March Fall

Historical Park placement in New York. This placement requires some experience with ornamental trees and shrubs. Experience in a public gardening will be very helpful. Very fun, enjoyable internship in a great team of people, just a subway ride to the New York City.


Applicants must be very social, friendly and easy to get along with. There is a very good housing set up on site. All five interns will stay together, share two bathrooms and a kitchen. There will be interns from many different countries and cultures, you must be able to tolerate the customs of other nationalities.

21 Golf Club CO 3 April October

This is a short term internship for applicants with genuine interest in turf grass (golf courses) OR the maintenance of grounds in this 5-star resort. The second option is excellent for young horticulturist.


This is one of the most beautiful locations in the USA. You will meet many young people from all over the world. Unforgettable experience if you are able to work well in a team.

23 Greenhouse OH 3 February for 12 months

Excellent greenhouse operation in Ohio. This is a very good internship for the best applicant. You have to show that you have very serious interest in ornamental plants production. Some past experience required. Good English required.


Females only because of the housing situation. Excellent housing and transportation is provided by the host.

29 Crop Farm 15 March November

Placements with large crop farms growing Corn, Soy Beans, Canola, Wheat, Sugar Beet. Large, modern machinery. Housing provided.


Applicants must be experienced and skilled with operating heavy agricultural machinery, very motivated, ready for challenge, ready for long days during the harvest season,excellent team-player, have good English skills and a driving license.

34 Nursery CA 2 February for 12 months

Medium size nursery - ornamental trees and shrubs. You will have much interaction with the owner who will become your mentor. You will have to be dedicated and care about the business.


Apply if you are genuinely interested in nursery operation. Some previous experience/education in trees and shrub production required. Very satisfying internship for the right person.

35 Public garden OH 1 March for 6 months

This is one of the largest arboreta in the USA. During this program you will help with planting, propagation, mulching, weeding, watering, fertilizing, pest control and other park-related activities.


You should have a good horticultural background and good plant identification skills. This is a serious internship for a person interested in public gardening. The accommodation is provided on-site, you will share house with interns from the US and other countries. The garden and your house is away from large city - very peaceful, remote area.

37 Greenhouse NY 2 November for 12 months

This is a very modern tomato greenhouse. Nearly all stages of production are automated. Good placement for people interested in this type of production.


Good housing is provided. The internship may be somewhat repetitive because of mechanization of most tasks.