Cultivate Program

Cultivate 2018

This page is for Cultivate 18 registered and confirmed TOP participants

We will update this page with information that will help you to prepare and make the most of your Cultivate event participation.


Download Cultivate18 Schedule (subject to change)


Where do we stay?

We booked and paid for your accommodation at Motel 6 3246 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43202 (click for map). This is the nicest Motel 6 I know. 


When to arrive:

I am part of the volunteer group. 

Arrive on July 10. We will volunteer on July 11, 12 and 13. You will depart on July 18, anytime. Hotel checkout is 11am.

I am a regular participant.

Arrive on July 13. Try to arrive early so you can meet the group at El Vaquero (link to map) restaurant at 7:30pm. The restaurant is just a very short walk from your hotel.

I am combining my new TOP intern orientation and Cultivate.

If you are also a volunteer, arrive on July 9 for orientation on July 10.

If you are not a volunteer, arrive on July 12 for orientation on July 13.


How to arrive?

Get a flight to CMH, take a bus to Columbus or drive. From the airport or bus station take Uber or Taxi to the above mentioned hotel. Check in time is 4pm, but I will notify the hotel that many of you will arrive early.


Who is my roommate?

Very intentionally we mixed you up so that you meet new people and make new friends. You will know your roommate later. By now you have your hotel confirmation numbers, let me know if you do not.


How to prepare?

Remember, the only fee you are paying is the $250 registration fee paid directly via your intern account. All other registrations, including your CareerUP registration, are included. However, you must review Session/Class List to at least be aware what session you wish to attend. Here is the list (link). Keep in mind the following:

- do not plan anything for Saturday. CareerUP will take all day.

- do not plan anything for Sunday until noon - we have a special workshop for you that you will love.

- do not plan anything for Monday until noon - we have a workshop and lecture with Syngenta. You do not want to miss this.

Consider brining business cards (example: Intern at Oakland Nursery) and a CV that you can give to potential future employers.

Check exhibitor list to learn whom you wish to meet at the trade floor.


What clothes to bring?

CareerUP and trade show - business casual. No shorts and flip flops, you will embarrass yourself. You will be around business people. CareerUP takes 6-7 hours and the room can be very cold.

Kayak float - clothes that you do not mind getting wet. And you will get wet, most of you will end up swimming. You will lose cellphones, cameras, watches, tables, grand pianos - whatever you bring with you for kayaking, you WILL lose. Therefore, do not take anything for the kayak trip. NOTICE: we will go kayaking directly after CareerUP. You will have to bring kayak clothes with you to CareerUP and change in the convention center. You will leave all your staff, including cellphones and grand pianos, in the bus that will take us kayaking.

Special activity on Sunday night - you will need light, sport clothes. It is a very active sport that you will enjoy very much, but you will have to be very active.

Tuesday outdoor activities. We will hike, but only about one mile. Any sport shoes will do. You will need a hat for sun protection. It is most likely going to be a hot day.



The hotel where you are staying does not serve breakfast. There are many restaurants near by, you can also get cheap food at the convention center, we will show you were. We have a dinner for you every day. Lunch is your responsibility on Satuday, Sunday and Monday. 


TOP Expectations:

Be on time. Seriously, be on time. We will have no mercy towards people that are late for events. We will leave you behind. If you are late twice, we will exclude you from the event. We cannot delay events or bus schedule because someone is unable to understand how the concept of time works. Be. On. Time. Every day, for every event. 

Be active. Participate in workshops, ask questions. Every year Syngenta asks me for a list of people that asked questions during their Workshop. They want to hire people that are active. Do not miss this. Be active listener. 

Be friendly, polite, courteous and professional and you will have the time of your life at Cultivate18. Don’t forget to bring your best smile with you!