Crop Production and Machinery

2018 Interns

Crop Production and Machinery internship(inbound) is diverse. The host company could be a harvesting company or mixed farm. To get a placement, you will need to demonstrate skills and experience related to your future role on the farm, since our typical placement would be several thousand hectares with the main crops consisting of wheat, barley, sorghum and field peas. On a farm, interns will operate heavy machines, and that's why a valid international driving permit or commercial drivers license (CDL) is required by some hosts.

Interns will process agricultural equipment for fertilizing, spraying, seeding and harvesting, and also need to be responsible for general maintenancem such as welding or painting. Main machinery types are:

  • Tractora and power.

  • Machinery for tillage or soil cultivation.

  • Machinery for planting, seeding, fertilizing, pest control, irrigation.

  • Machinery for harvesting, haymaking, and post-harvest, such as produce sorters, and machinery for loading


Intern @ J&J Harstad

Working in the field

Visiting other company

Internships in agriculture last from 3 to 12 months with most internships on farms starting in April and ending once the harvest is finished in November. 

Intern@Fisher Nut Company

Intern@Farris Brothers

Intern@Beckley Harvesting

Intern@Lynn Billadeau Farm

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