1. Online Horticulture Courses Available Soon to TOP Horticulture Interns

    May 15, 2018

    Just like last year, TOP Horticulture will co-sponsor online classes to TOP Horticulture interns. These classes are provided by the University of Florida. Those of you that registered for Cultivate18 trade show will meet Dr. Paul Fisher. He built these courses and he will speak with you during Cultivate.

  2. Adam and Susana

    From Training Partners to Life Partners

    Apr 25, 2018

    Love in Turf

    Born into a large, cricket-mad family in Adelaide Australia, Adam Fry had always wanted to be a greenkeeper. It was during his apprenticeship at The Grange Golf Club that he started the connection with The Ohio Program. In 2009, Adam proved his outstanding qualities and been accepted as one of 15 Australians on the following year's turf-internship intake. 

  3. Landscaping

    Get Your Hands Dirty

    Apr 23, 2018

      If you are looking for an easy internship, we are not what you want!

    If you want to get the real-world training in the U.S., The Ohio Program is what you need. All of our interns need to work together with the regular employees in host companies, no chance to be picky. Our program coordinators work together with host companies to build good training plans. These training plans must provide good balance between your responsibilities and learning opportunities.